We love our families and also our team of sitters and nannies!!

Keara Obrien

I love having this service available to me, I am so pleased with how efficient Rebecca is in setting us up with a sitter and great at returning my calls. So far the sitters iv met have been great with both my boys. One 6 and one 6 months. Would highly recommend using the service. It mean my husband and I can still go out to dinner or to a movie together.

Keara Obrien - Family- Groningen

Naira Groen Martinez

We found our dream nanny through Knuffelsitters. Rebecca understood from the beginning exactly what we wanted and what was good for our family. She only suggested nannies that would be a perfect match, so we didn’t have to meet many candidates before finding the one. The training that Rebecca provides to the nannies makes a huge difference compared to what other agencies offer. In our case Rebecca even created a tailor-made training for our nanny to meet our specific needs. After the placement Rebecca stays involved and supports our nanny with a development plan for our daughter. Knuffelsitters hasn’t just provided someone to look after our daughter, but a nanny that is engaged and contributes to her education. Thank you!

Naira Groen Martinez - Family- Amsterdam

Knufflesitters is extremely professional and reliable. The agency makes sure that both, the families and the nannies, are satisfied and at ease. As a beginning nanny not only have I received a comprehensive training in child development and attachment theory but also lots of support and helpful advice along the way. Rebecca is a kind and caring person who’s main focus is the child’s well-being and safety. Knufflesitters agency and staff are exceptional and I would highly recommend it to anyone!

Nanny- Sara Bliska - Nanny- Amsterdam

I am a babysitter for knuffelsitters, and it has been a wonderful experience from day 1. Rebecca has prepared us all with great training in childcare and she makes sure that both families and sitters are comfortable and compatible. If the families or sitters have doubts she is always there for support. I highly recommend this service and I hope to maybe babysit for you in the future!

Olaya Romero Escudero - Babysitter- Groningen