The Philosophy of Knufflesitters is to provide the best childcare and so we pride ourselves in selecting high quality childcarers who are nurturing, responsive and trustworthy. We believe that a loving, safe and stable home environment, where the parents and nanny/sitter work as a team, provides a great platform for the child to grow in self-esteem and create a sense of belonging. We also believe that relationships are at the heart of any child’s learning and development and so we focus on recruiting childcarers who are focused on interacting with children and who want to spend time with them. This interaction is essential for the child’s positive development and learning.

The science behind Knufflesitters


Research has demonstrated that children who develop a secure attachment to their caregivers have more positive relationships, greater empathy skills and increased self-esteem. Securely attached children have better academic performance and better ability to manage emotions when compared with insecurely attached children. The aim of Knufflesitters is to provide nannies and babysitters with specialized training to ensure that they work with children in a way which will promote a secure attachment and enhance the child’s growth.

Knufflesitters achieves this by seeking dedicated, creative, empathic nannies and babysitters who are able to create an environment where children will be able to fully reach their potential. We are selective about the childcarers we accept and so only the best nannies and babysitters with the right qualities and experiences are accepted to register with the agency. All babysitters and nannies are personally interviewed and their references are checked. By checking our childcarers. We provide you with peace of mind to relax and enjoy your evening out, knowing that your children are safe and cared for.

The Knufflesitters values:

  • Our company is child focused- Childcarers will be responsive to the child's needs and thoughts and will practice principles of acceptance and empathy.
  • Childcarers will acknowledge and validate the child’s emotions
  • Childcarers will be active in interacting with the child
  • Childcarers can see the world through the child’s perspective and want to share the excitement of explorin


  • Chilcarers will promote play and creativity, helping the child to learn and capture new experiences
  • Childcarers will be keen to develop the child’s emotional, intellectual and physical needs all at once (and has the correct knowledge to do so)
  • Childcarers will create clear boundaries for the child and emphasise the importance of mutual respect
  • Childcarers will be a positive role model for the child
  • Childcarers understand the importance of good working relationships with the parents
  • Knufflesitters endeavors to maintain the relationship between the nanny and the family- it is important for the child/children who are likely to have formed a close bond to the nanny.