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VIOLA - Amsterdam

Being a parent myself, I understand (and lived) the nerve wrecking process of trying to find the best nanny or babysitter for your child. Having lived in Paris London and NYC and having traveled to all continents, I understand what it means to arrive in a new place, the time it takes to get socially connected, while perhaps not speaking the local language (yet). In certain cases a nanny will be spending many hours of the day with your child while you’re hard at work. And I can only imagine the requirements you have to find that one special person that doesn’t only hold similar values in child caring but also takes interest in your child develop (i.e. will your child become a leader, will it be someone who cares about other people or will it become someone who is open minded and forgiving, or who knows, all of the above). But most importantly, will she give your child the love, positive attention and the feeling of being protected, as you would. As a parent, I hold the same philosophy as Knufflesitters: “to offer the best childcare”. Which is why I love Rebecca’s Child development and attachment theory course for every single nanny and babysitter. The interview and the checking of their references, I will do personally. It’s a few steps closer to a parents’ peace of mind, while leaving your child in the care of someone else.

SARAH COSTA - Eindhoven

It is a common saying that “It takes a village to raise a child” I have worked as a nanny for 10 years and it was during this time that I understood the importance of my role as a caregiver in supporting the development of the children under my care. I feel that it is important that child carers create an environment which is both stimulating and nurturing for the child. Knufflesitters shares the same vision which I have which is that children need to be cared for in a way which supports and stimulates their growth and development. I believe it is very important that caregivers are screened meticulously to ensure the safety of children, and therefore families can be rest assured knowing that their children are left in safe hands. A nanny should be an extension of the family and not a replacement therefore the importance of training in child development and attachment theory which our caregivers are rigorously put through allows Knufflesitters to be an asset to parents utilizing our services.