Knufflesitters 6 Top Tips for Travelling with children

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The thought of a holiday sounds exciting, but when you have children, there is lots more to consider. Here are six tips to keep in mind when travelling to be able to allow you to enjoy your holiday to the fullest. These tips will hopefully make your travel experience much more relaxing and enjoyable for the whole family!

Happy Holidays from the Knufflesitters team!


Tip #1: Find hotels or Airbnb locations that have/are close to children amenities

Having to drive or walk long distances to get the kids to play can take away part of the fun so it’s best to find a place that is a stone throw away, but affordable as well! 

Tip #2: Carry along some educative but entertaining stuff for kids

Long flights or road trips can be quite boring and exhausting especially for the kids so it is best to bring along books, kids journals, puzzles or DVD’s to keep the children entertained on the journey. This keeps the children occupied, whilst keeping their brains active at the same time.


Tip #3: Try to travel light!

In order to travel light and avoid the stress of ensuring that all luggage is checked in and out safely, it is best to keep the baby carrier, stroller, high chair, beach toys etc. at home, unless of course  it’s a road trip and you still have extra space for them. You can rent such kids gear from these places here in the Netherlands; and


Tip #4:  Search for baby supply delivery services

Another thing to check out is affordable and reliable baby supply delivery services in your travel destination. This helps to keep your luggage lighter and saves you the hustle of finding kids stores when you unexpectedly run out of supplies.


Tip #5:  Find some child safety products.  

It is very easy to lose sight of your kids while visiting places during vacations and you will agree that it can be nerve-wracking! There are affordable and easy to use products such as SafetyTat Child ID Tattoos, Mommy I’m Here Child Locator and Giggle Bug Toddler Tracker that can be easy and comfortable for both the parent and the kid to use. Be sure to carry it along because it can be useful right from the train or bus terminal. They can be purchased at online stores such as Amazon.


Tip #6: Be sure to locate your nearest emergency medical walk in centre

Lastly, be sure to locate a local healthcare or emergency medical help at your travel destination. No parent would like to go to the hospital while travelling, but one needs to take caution- the child could get hurt or catch a disease unexpectedly so finding emergency medical help will come in handy when the unexpected occurs, especially when you’re not staying in a hotel. Some travel insurance packages come with emergency care so be sure to check for that if you can afford it. There are a few common insurance packages such as AXA Schengen Europe Travel Insurance and OOM Specialised Insurance that provide cover for kids’ medical expenses as well.


One can also find other useful tips on local ‘mum groups’ on some social media as Facebook or other local blogs where one can ask useful questions pertaining to that particular place.

With these tips, I hope you and the whole family will have more pleasant and relaxing future travels. Enjoy!!


Blog post written by Dr Rebecca Heron (Psychologist and founder of Knufflesitters nanny agency).

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