Interested in a first aid workshop with Knufflesitters?

We at Knufflesitters strongly believe in the safety and well-being of our children- both emotional health and physical health. Too often children have accidents and it is important that our caregivers feel confident enough to be able to respond in these situations. Have you ever been in a situation where a child has been choking or fell and hurt themselves?  Knufflesitters offers our caregivers and parents a first aid workshop through our collaboration with the Dutch First Aid Office (EHBO bureau).  The first aid workshop lasts for 3 hours and allows caregivers and parents to know how to respond in emergency situations. Sign up now if you are interested in a course.


Areas we cover in the workshop?

During the workshop provide guidance on the following areas to help you handle emergency situations correctly:

✓ Providing assistance to children in 5 steps
✓ Choking
✓ Burns
✓ Cuts and lacerations
✓ Stable side position
✓ Poisoning
✓ Minor accidents (nosebleed, object in nose / ear, insect or tick bite)

Following the workshop, trainees receive a digital first aid instruction document containing important information about the subjects that were covered.

When are the workshops and how do I apply?

  • Dates
    Please email us if you are interested in a first aid workshop, you can enquire at [email protected]
  • Cost
    We offer the workshop for a special price of €45 per person.