What’s the difference between a Nanny and a Babysitter?mother and baby

A Nanny is a specialist carer and works on fixed hours and days on the basis of a signed agreement between a family and a nanny. Babysitters are usually hired for short periods of time and on a need basis. Nannies are generally more experienced than our babysitters and so for this reason their hourly rate is usually slightly higher than our babysitters.

What languages do the nannies or babysitters speak?

The majority of our caregivers are bilingual and can speak many different languages. As we are based in the Netherlands most of our sitters speak, Dutch and English but we also have sitters who speak other languages such as German, Italian and Spanish.

Is a Nanny cheaper or more expensive than Day Care in the Netherlands?

It may be more affordable than you have thought, for example:
a) If you have more than one child then it is generally cheaper to employ a nanny, as at a day care center you will be expected to pay for each child, whereas with a nanny/babysitter you pay per the hour regardless of the number of children being cared for.

b) Also, it is important to remember the benefits of having someone come to your house to look after your child/children. It is much more convenient as you do not need to rush to pick them up and they can be looked after at home if they are ill.

What are the benefits of using an agency over privately finding a nanny or babysitter?

If you are able to find a nanny through recommendations then this is great. However, not everyone is able to find nannies or babysitters this way. It can be very time consuming to advertise and if you find a nanny or babysitter online, it can be difficult to vet them or to know what to do next i.e drawing up a contract.

Knufflesitters agency, only endeavor to select the best nannies and babysitters. All of our nannies and sitters are personally interviewed. We also provide our nannies and sitters with specialist training in child development and attachment theory, which is important for anyone looking after children. We meet all our nannies and babysitters beforehand and obtain references from them and so we can enable you peace of mind when sending them to you. Additionally, you are at an advantage when registering with us as we have lots of nannies who can step in, in the case of your nanny ever being unexpectedly ill and so you will always have reliable childcare!

How do you reference each sitter/nanny?

All of our nannies and sitters are reference checked, nannies are required to apply 2 references and babysitters are required to supply 1 reference. An email or letter is sent to the reference and we wait to obtain a satisfactory reply before the sitter/nanny is able to undertake work through the agency. The referees must have known them for a minimum of 3 years and must not be an immediate family member and must be able to comment on the babysitters skills or abilities with children.

Can I get the same babysitter each time I book?

We will always attempt to contact the same babysitter for you, however due to sitters personal commitments they may not always be available so families tend to get familiar with a few babysitters. The more notice you can give us for bookings the easier it is to secure your preferred babysitter.

I need a Babysitter last minute (as in tonight) – can you help?

Most people like to book their babysitters several days in advance.  But sometimes things crop up and you need somebody at short notice.  We are usually able to provide you with a babysitter very quickly – even with as little as 2 hours notice (sometimes even less!). Please note there is however,  a small charge for rush bookings (under 6 hours notice).

Can I just book the sitter by calling them directly?

No! Please note, our babysitters are not permitted to accept repeat bookings directly from you and this has been outlined in their contracts when signing up to the agency. Please rebook through Knuffel sitters Agency. You can phone/email us to do this.

If you wish to offer your babysitter a nanny job, Knufflesitters is entitled to a nanny placement fee.

Is there a cancellation fee?

There is no cancellation fee if a sitter has to be cancelled in office hours Mon-Friday 9.00am to 17.00pm. Any cancellations made outside these hours will incur a 10 euro fee which will be paid to the sitter.

Please note that the booking fee is non-refundable once the sitter has been allocated to you and you have been advised that this has been done.


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Are there any contracts?

Our babysitters are not directly employed by us, however, on registration with our agency, we require that they sign contracts outlining their roles and responsibilities as Knufflesitters representatives. We expect certain codes of conduct and these are outlined and emphasised on the contract which they sign.

What details should I leave my babysitter?

Please leave your babysitter your mobile number and the name of the place you will be. Also leave the sitter your full address so that they know exactly where they are in case of an emergency. For babysitters and nannies we require that you outline any of your children’s allergies or specific house rules.

I’m not happy with my service, can I give feedback?

Absolutely! We’re committed to providing a great service, so please get in touch with us if you were unhappy with your babysitter or nanny for any reason. Similarly, our babysitters and nannies know that they can give us feedback on our clients. The safety and wellbeing of our babysitters and our clients is extremely important to us.

I have another question.

We love to meet new people!

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