Why we provide training to our nannies/ babysitters in child development and attachment theory?

Psychologist John Bowlby was the first to introduce the concept of attachment theory. He stated that the earliest bonds formed by children with their caregivers has a tremendous impact on their later development. The central theme of attachment theory is that caregivers need to be available and responsive to a child’s need in order for the child to establish a sense of security. It is only when the child experiences the caregiver as dependable, that they will be able to establish a secure base to be able to explore the world.

A nanny working from an attachment theory perspective will understand the importance of speaking and engaging with a child in a way which promotes their development and maintains the attachment to their caregivers. From the very beginning we look for candidates who can demonstrate attachment core principles such as playfulness, empathy, creativity and imagination.

In addition to ensuring that nannies are nurturing and gentle in their approach, we also ensure that nannies understand the importance of enforcing boundaries. This is particularly important for toddlers as they are likely to be curious and will want to explore, however, it is important that they are guided when doing so and that they learn about what acceptable behaviour is and what is not from a young age. Boundaries will be pushed and it is important that someone is there to gently re-enforce them and guide them at this challenging time. Our nannies understand the stages of child development and how to respond appropriately.

Why we offer Developmental assessments to the children we work with?

We at Knufflesitters understand how important the first 5 years of a child's life are, this is the time that the child develops the most and 90% of the child's brain is formed when they are aged 5 years old. At Knufflesitters, we provide assessments which monitor 5 key areas of the child's development: communication, gross motor, fine motor,  problem solving and personal and social development. The results of this assessment can be used with parents and nannies to be able to provide recommendations and intervention to further enhance the development of the child. Combined our assessments and training given to nannies allow for children to reach their milestones.   

What we offer?

symbool1Vetting process

  • All caregivers are meticulously selected.
  • All caregivers are interviewed face to face.
  • References are checked and criminal record checks are completed



  • All caregivers trained in child development and attachment theory.
  • This enables caregivers to provide high quality care.



Post placement support

  • Support provided to families and caregivers after a placement has been made.
  • Contact with family and caregiver to ensure placement is running smoothly
  • Further training and guidance given to families and caregivers when necessary

We offer a range of courses in addition to child development and attachment compulsory training which all our caregivers undergo:

  • Understanding concepts of PACE- playfulness, acceptance, curiosity and empathy (therapeutic parenting approach)
  • How to encourage positive behavior in children and discipline strategies
  • Communication with children and helping them to express themselves
  • Child nutrition and meal planning
  • Working with children who have autism/Asperger’s syndrome
  • Working with children who have ADHD

Families: How can we help?

Looking for a babysitter/nanny?

We pride ourselves on the continuous, reliable relationships that we create with our clients, and take the stress out of finding a great childcare professional for you and your family. To request a consultation with us, please email us at [email protected] and we will be in contact to discuss your requirements for either a nanny/babysitter.

Helpful information to include:
-Details of children (ages, genders, name, interests).
- Your location.
-Required duties of nanny/babysitter
- Schedule needed.
-Hours and days of work
-Benefits offered i.e. access to a car.
-Smoker or non smoker preference
- If there are any pets in the home.
- Anything else you feel is important to know about your children?
(Allergies, Disabilities etc.)

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