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Knufflesitters also provide developmental assessments to children, from the ages of 1 month to 5 and a half years old.

The assessments we offer look at your child’s growth and ensure that their gross motor, fine motor, speech understanding, and social and emotional development are in the normal range. Early identification of developmental disorders is critical to the well-being of a child and it allows for appropriate support to be sourced, if an issue is detected.

We recommend routine developmental assessments in children at 1 month, 9months, 18months and 24-30 months of age.

Developmental assessments are beneficial as they allow for you as a parent or your nanny or babysitter to be aware of the strengths which your child may have but also areas, which may require further support may be identified and recommendations and activities may be suggested to further enhance or support the child’s development.




How is the developmental assessment conducted?

The assessment entails a parental interview, child observation and a validated, reliable screening assessment is used.

The assessment is administered by one of our screening specialists and is overseen by our in house psychologist in the case of there being concerns,  whereby further recommendations may be made.

Why get your child developmentally screened with Knufflesitters?

If you’re worried about a particular issue, your child’s speech or ability to grab objects, it may be wise to ask for a developmental assessment.

It is good to know early on as a parent, if there are any problems with your child’s development. Developmental assessments are also useful however, as they allow for a child’s strengths to be identified as well their weaknesses. The child may be supported to reach their developmental milestones and we may work with the nanny/babysitter and family to be able to help them to further the child’s development and monitor progress.

Knufflesitters provide the family with a written report at the conclusion of an assessment and parents are given the opportunity to ask questions about anything they do not understand. At the end of the assessment, it may be recommended that the family seek further intervention or assessment.

Due to children growing and developing so quickly, Knufflesitters recommends that children are assessed periodically, it is important to monitor each child’s progress regularly. For example, a child may outgrow a delay or develop a new one and so continued monitoring will help track any changes.











What is the cost of a developmental assessment?

The cost of the initial screening with a nanny or sitter is €200 and follow ups are €100 thereafter.

The cost of initial screening without a nanny or sitter is €300 and follow ups are €150 thereafter.